[Cryptech Tech] Introduction

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Feb 23 00:21:37 UTC 2017

Hi Jason,

Great that you're interested in helping out!

Jason van Aardt wrote:
> Using the Gigabit Serdes on the Artix, it would be possible to
> include two Gigabit ethernet ports

One conscious design decision of Cryptech HDL is to remain hardware
agnostic as long as there isn't a VERY good reason to use specific
hardware. The HDL is supposed to also be maximally useful for other
FPGAs, as well as ASIC processes.

> and use the device as a bump in the wire for a L2/L3 encrypter.

That said, adding GbE or PCIe (Pavel: host drivers aren't bad) can
certainly be worthwhile, indeed the server use case would benefit
from a PCIe interface, but remember that the current FPGA is inside
of a trust boundary which the host is not allowed to access.

The trust boundary edge currently resides within the STM32, whose
host-facing interface is the (intentionally stupidly trivial) UART.

Replacing that host interface means replacing the STM32 with a
different FMC master, e.g. a second FPGA.


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