[Cryptech Tech] Introduction

Pavel Shatov meisterpaul1 at yandex.ru
Wed Feb 22 20:28:57 UTC 2017

21.02.2017 11:58, Jason van Aardt пишет:
> Would a PCIe interface be considered? Would USB3 be favoured?
> If I may ask what are the predominant use cases for the HSM at the moment?
> Is it mainly foreseen as a HSM for use with a Laptop?

Yes, some people asked whether a PCIe version is viable. I'm not sure,
that PCIe IP is unlocked in WebPack Xilinx ISE license. I also don't
know how difficult it is to develop host-side PCIe drivers.

Laptop is not the only foreseen host. The reference use case right now
is a DNSSEC signer, so the box is supposed to work in server environment

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Pavel Shatov

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