[Cryptech Tech] Introduction

Pavel Shatov meisterpaul1 at yandex.ru
Wed Feb 22 19:53:32 UTC 2017

20.02.2017 15:02, Fredrik Thulin пишет:
> On måndag 20 februari 2017 kl. 13:37:49 CET Jason van Aardt wrote:
>> Are there currently counter measures implemented against side 
>> channel attacks eg. differential power analysis? Using variable 
>> clock rates, additional nondeterministic loops etc.
> Nope, nothing. Suggestions welcome.

I think, we do have certain level of protection against side-channel
leakage, eg. our primary counter-measure against timing attacks is that
we use FPGA cores that are written to operate in true constant-time
manner. If Jason has suggestions on how to make the design more
resistant to side-channel attacks (DPA, ...), I'd be glad to hear them.

With best regards,
Pavel Shatov

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