[Cryptech Tech] Seeking comments on a proposal for changes to the Cryptech RNG design.

Bernd Paysan bernd at net2o.de
Sat Mar 24 13:10:58 UTC 2018

Am Donnerstag, 22. März 2018, 18:07:07 CET schrieb Manuel Domke:
> Currently I'm focusing on spreading the word about modular entropy
> multiplication - and will start a crowdfunding campaign to sell some
> Infinite Noise very soon. So I won't have the time to work much on this
> project soon - but its on my todo list.

There's even a PSoC 5-based project on Github:


For ease of understanding: “modular entropy multiplication” is essentially a 
successive approximation ADC, which runs forever amplifying its internal state 
instead of actually sampling some input, an as a result, only converts its own 
noise into binary data.

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