[Cryptech Tech] Case for the Alpha

Fredrik Thulin fredrik at thulin.net
Wed Mar 9 09:09:06 UTC 2016

(Two important questions for members of the list in the end)

The Alpha layout is now about half-done. A Russian company are contributing 
the layout work to the project, and are about to start the routing of signals. 

For those not familiar with the process, this means all components are chosen, 
all footprints are done, the form factor of the board is decided.

We've chosen to imitate Intel NUC UCFF boards (4" by 4") in an attempt to be 
able to pick a case that is available from different vendors globally. We 
initially thought that the Akasa Newton S would be a good default case, but it 
turned out not to be for two reasons:

1) it is much bigger than the NUC board, with funny extension cords for USB 
Type A connectors on the front (and we will use USB Type B since the Alpha is 
not a USB host)

2) It has a huge heat sink integrated with the chassi. This heat sink is 
totally in the way of our FPGA/ARM since neither of them is as thin as the 
original CPU (0.76 mm!).

We're now thinking of trying to get about 55 of the original Intel NUC cases, 
e.g. the one you get when you buy the board+case bundle known as NUC5i5RYH.

Questions for the list:

Does anyone on this list know someone at Intel that might help us out here? We 
can't find the cases alone available for purchase anywhere.

Any suggestions for an alternative NUC case that is globally available and 
without fancy heat sinks getting in the way?

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