[Cryptech Tech] About the HSM Opensource | Mojo dev card

Fredrik Thulin fredrik at thulin.net
Mon Aug 22 13:19:20 UTC 2016

On måndag 22 augusti 2016 kl. 14:00:56 CEST Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado wrote:
> Hello,
> I was looking for an HSM project that seems serious and had chances to
> be finished. Luckily I found this marvelous project. And I'm very
> interested on joining.


> I'm starting with FPGA, not much advanced yet. But I'm proficient on
> developing and hardware hacking.
> I saw that Spartan chip used to prepare the alpha version is very
> similar to the one on the Mojo project but smaller. And I think it would
> be possible to use two of the favorite projects to start thinking in it.
> I plan to use the PINE64 as central processing unit. And the Mojo to run
> the hardware code.
> https://www.pine64.com/
> https://embeddedmicro.com/mojo-v3.html
> Connected through the I2C interface both provides since currently I
> don't have a novena card available and it will take a while to ship.
> This way I can start getting in touch with the code.
> Do you think it would fit in the mojo?
> My biggest doubt is The avalanche noise board. Where can I get one?
> Because there was workshop one year ago. It is still available or
> schematics anywhere?
> I don't know if it's the same than this one:
> https://wiki.cryptech.is/wiki/NoisyDiode
> Since it talks about different ones. Anyway to start testing maybe I can
> simulate this board on software with false entropy until I have
> everything set and ready.

We're quite bad at documentation (sorry!) still. It appears you haven't 
stumbled upon the more recent bits on our Wiki.

We used the Novena, Spartan FPGA and that Noise board about a year ago. Since 
then, we've manufactured our own Alpha board with an ARM CPU and a Xilinx 
Artix 7 FPGA on it, and also the noise circuitry. If you want to get involved 
in development I suggest you start with acquiring an Alpha board.

There was a workshop in Berlin a month ago. I would recommend you read the 
presentation slides at https://wiki.cryptech.is/wiki/BerlinWorkshop to get up-
to-date information about how things are now. Also, look at the various 
"Alpha" pages on the wiki to see what hardware is there, how it is connected 


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