[Cryptech Tech] Doc, Markdown, and Wiki

Rob Austein sra at hactrn.net
Tue Oct 28 23:15:06 UTC 2014

At Mon, 27 Oct 2014 21:11:42 +0100, Joachim Strömbergson wrote:
> > do we want a hack which will extract content from the README.md
> > files and drop it into the Wiki?
> It is part of the real doc. But extracting to the Wiki is a good idea.
> > If this is of interest, I can hack together the necessary script and 
> > set it running under cron (or maybe hanging off of a git hook, but
> > I'm reluctant to get too clever with git hooks with tasks that could
> > be handled well enough by a cron job).
> Not sure we need to go as far as doing it with a cron job, but instead
> run it whenwever we have had lots of updates. But otherwise I'm very in
> favour of doing this, great idea.

Sample output.


Still tweaking format of the index pages.  Pages extracted from
README.md files have a few extra links, can move those around, add
more, add boilerplate header, ....

Note that pages generated by this script are not intended to be edited
by humans, and the script makes no attempt to preserve manual edits to
the tree of pages under its control (the above link is to the root of
the script's tree).

For the moment I'm running the script by hand, at some point I'll set
it up to run under cron so I don't have to remember.  Running under
cron is harmless, nothing happens if nothing has changed.

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