[Cryptech Tech] fyi: [Cryptography] Dumb idea: open-source hardware

=JeffH Jeff.Hodges at KingsMountain.com
Tue Jan 14 15:46:31 UTC 2014

 >> tho note that later in that thread folks start talking about
 >> open-source HSM and perhaps secure elements.
 > i searched for "open-source hardware USB" on the list archive and got
 > no love.  do you have a link to the thread?

first msg in thread:

[Cryptography] Dumb idea: open-source hardware USB key for crypto   Bill Cox

thread (look in middle of page)..


 >> i guess I was also implicitly wondering if y'all wanted to post a
 >> pointer to cryptech.is into that thread on the crypto lists.
 > i have a bad instinct from both my r&d background and my research
 > $dayjob.  i am not comfortable talking about stuff that does not yet
 > work.  and coming from the freebsd, not linux, side of the world,
 > tossing out a dozen trial balloons to see what flies is also not in my
 > genetics.  in the modern world, these are probably bugs, not features.
 > speaking for myself, i would be perfectly happy if someone posted some
 > urls to the cryptography list.

so "myself" doesn't include the "bad instinct" ?    :)

I guess I'll leave posting a ptr to cryptech.is on cryptography@ up to you 
folks for now...

Also, wrt funding, I presume you folks have thought about doing a 
crowd-funding thing?  (just curious)


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