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Heather Flanagan hlf at sphericalcowconsulting.com
Fri Jan 15 18:33:40 UTC 2016

On January 15, 2016 at 2:34:57 AM, Randy Bush (randy at psg.com) wrote:

> A very small comment on the cryptech.is web page. Under Commentary there 
> is Updates, which looks like a list of news/events. How about adding a 
> short blurb and link to the EoY report? 
> Would it also possibly be better to move Updates up one level. That is, 
> instead of having Updates directly? 

makes sense. but you're in leif land, and he is out for another week. 

Hello all,

We currently have a copy of the EoY report on the Overview page, but links are cheap, so I’ve also added it to the Commentary page. I’m a little hesitant to move Updates to the top level of menu items seeing as how we’re not actually adding updates on any regular basis (last one was in September). 

FWIW, “Commentary” is meant to cover third party news, formal press releases, that kind of thing. “Updates” is meant to cover project status notes.

Heather Flanagan
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