[Cryptech-Commits] [core/platform/novena] branch master updated (c88137e -> b07ab1c)

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Mon Nov 16 21:41:31 UTC 2015

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paul at psgd.org pushed a change to branch master
in repository core/platform/novena.

      from  c88137e   add fmc
      adds  1eccd3c   Committing once again to 'activelow' branch...
       new  4cfd0c3   Merge branch 'activelow'
       new  2b374d2   Change reset to active-low.
      adds  c44c8a7   experimental modexps6 (which requires changing the read timing on all other cores)
      adds  769f969   move new modexps6 core from test to core
      adds  02ca34c   remove all non-essential files related to clkmgr_dcm
      adds  f5cfe0b   remove .xco files from build
      adds  5f1de63   update lint for new ipcore modules
       new  5ad8554   Merge branch 'modexps6'
      adds  f141a79   generate core_selector, probe FPGA for cores at software startup
      adds  99c3749   Merge branch 'modexps6' into config_core_selector_sra
      adds  026fc46   Trailing whitespace cleanup.
      adds  6f5bf90   MODEXPS6_ADDR_BASE goes away under the new scheme.
      adds  a8730df   Convert to something a bit more object-oriented, to simplify adding additional methods for things like .h and .mk files.
      adds  0ddd400   Git rid of commas in config language, add some comments.
      adds  fbaa09c   Configure makefile vfiles list too.
      adds  44626ff   Track filename changes to modexp core that took place ages ago.
      adds  9c67b22   Incomplete attempt to track changes to core_selector architecture. The board_regs and comm_regs cores handle reset differently, but there's also this sys_ena wire which appeared out of the ether one day and is not yet in this movie.  This version does NOT synthesize (nor did the previous ones, but now we know it...).
      adds  d3a2b47   Minor cleanup.
      adds  f43b493   Previous commit was incomplete.
      adds  19e4044   Sorted out reset pins (I think).  Seems our various core authors have different opinions about whether reset should be high or low, and the core selector code is responsible for making this right.  Hmm.
      adds  cf81672   Comments noting the strange history of the addressing scheme.
      adds  0ef997a   Wedge modexps6 into the addressing scheme.  Adjust timing of other cores.  Tweak TRNG templates to support multiple instances, more for consistency than than because we really expect multiple TRNGs.
      adds  54516bb   Add "requires" option.
      adds  fdd81bb   Comments.
      adds  6894db1   ModExpS6 top is called modexps6_wrapper, not modexps6, sigh.
      adds  438a6d8   Handle reset high/low logic in the config file.  Connect error signals.
      adds  28a2e66   RawConfigParser doesn't support super().
      adds  e3eb491   ModExpS6 has no error output.
      adds  ff4cf7a   Comment update.
      adds  c421ca5   Sick hacks to compensate for sparse MUX within TRNG core.
      adds  c71a4b5   Add support for error_wire and block_memory options.
      adds  47508ec   Attempting to optimize out the one-cycle delay didn't work, relatively low priority, so just disable the optimization for now.
       new  b1e661b   Merge branch 'config_core_selector'
       new  56d9848   Catch up with other branch merges.
       new  04df3d3   fix top_module name for fmc build
       new  b07ab1c   new constraint file for building for EIM with a dev-bridge board in place

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 common/rtl/clkmgr_dcm.v                            |   7 +-
 common/rtl/lint-dummy.v                            |  61 ++
 common/rtl/novena_clkmgr.v                         |  18 +-
 common/rtl/novena_regs.v                           |  10 +-
 config/config.cfg                                  | 125 ++++
 config/config.py                                   | 525 +++++++++++++++
 config/core_selector.v                             | 278 ++++++++
 config/core_vfiles.mk                              |  42 ++
 eim/build/Makefile                                 | 110 ++-
 eim/build/xilinx.mk                                |  20 +-
 eim/iseconfig/novena_eim.xise                      | 177 +++--
 eim/rtl/novena_eim.v                               |  22 +-
 ...ena_eim.ucf => novena_eim-dev_bridge_board.ucf} |  21 +-
 fmc/build/Makefile                                 | 109 ++-
 fmc/rtl/novena_fmc_top.v                           |   8 +-
 i2c/build/Makefile                                 | 102 ++-
 i2c/build/xilinx.mk                                |  16 +-
 i2c/rtl/novena_i2c.v                               |  25 +-
 sw/Makefile                                        |   7 +-
 sw/Makefile.i2c                                    |   2 +-
 sw/aes_tester.c                                    | 102 ++-
 sw/capability.c                                    | 145 ++++
 sw/configure-fpga.sh                               |   6 +-
 sw/cryptech.h                                      | 412 ++++++------
 sw/hash.c                                          |  84 ++-
 sw/hash_tester.c                                   | 206 ++++--
 sw/modexp_tester.c                                 | 333 +++++----
 sw/modexps6_tester.c                               | 650 ++++++++++++++++++
 sw/novena-eim.c                                    |  16 +-
 sw/tc_eim.c                                        |  28 +-
 sw/tc_i2c.c                                        |   6 +-
 sw/test-modexp-for-pavel.h                         | 140 ++++
 sw/test-rsa.h                                      | 746 +++++++++++++++++++++
 sw/trng_extractor.c                                |  58 +-
 sw/trng_tester.c                                   | 119 +++-
 35 files changed, 3783 insertions(+), 953 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 config/config.cfg
 create mode 100755 config/config.py
 create mode 100644 config/core_selector.v
 create mode 100644 config/core_vfiles.mk
 copy eim/ucf/{novena_eim.ucf => novena_eim-dev_bridge_board.ucf} (90%)
 create mode 100644 sw/capability.c
 create mode 100644 sw/modexps6_tester.c
 create mode 100644 sw/test-modexp-for-pavel.h
 create mode 100644 sw/test-rsa.h

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