[Cryptech Tech] BIND Support

Dominique Douglas douglas at dkey.org
Fri Jun 22 16:10:24 UTC 2018

Thanks for the information. From your responses, I've been going over my configuration and tried the native pkcs11 again. I recompiled BIND and it looks like the cryptech pkcs11 should be able to support BIND natively already. BIND gives the same error of things not being found regardless of the actual cause. I'm going to start over with a clean environment to see ensure that other things in my build environment aren't interfering and giving me bad results. If I'm able to get a clean set of repeatable directions for native pkcs 11, I'll let you know.


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I'm pretty sure that Francis got BIND9 working with native PKCS #11 (not the OpenSSL kludge).  Don't think ISC ever did anything with the results, probably languishing in a git branch somewhere.

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