[Cryptech Tech] Binary packages for Debian Stretch and Ubuntu Bionic

Michael dockter at dkey.org
Wed Jun 20 22:30:09 UTC 2018

Debian Stretch confirmed. Although i've been having lots of dependency 
issues. I got to the point where I see the alpha and can communicate to 
it through the console.

On 06/19/2018 10:53 AM, Rob Austein wrote:
> Over the weekend I updated the build system to create binary packages
> for Debian Stretch (9) and Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) in addition to the
> previous Debian Jessie (8), Ubuntu Xenial (16.04), and MacOS Homebrew.
> The Stretch and Bionic packages have not yet been tested beyond the
> pbuilder package builds running to completion.  Since our client side
> code isn't doing anything very exotic and the OS-specific comms voodoo
> is in third-party Python libraries which we were backporting in the
> first place, the same old code should Just Work on the new platforms,
> but a volunteer who has time to confirm this would be welcome.
> Updated installation instructions in the same place as always:
> https://wiki.cryptech.is/wiki/BinaryPackages
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