[Cryptech Tech] Firewalls

Richard Thornton richie.thornton at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 06:27:43 UTC 2017


Cool product, thanks for making this!

Just to let you know up front I don't have a great deal of programming
experience but i'm very comfortable in Linux.

The use case I was thinking of would be key storage for a firewall
like the Palo Alto Networks appliances, provided I could get support
added for CrypTech to the PANOS software (for now lets assume PKCS#11
works but is unsupported on anything but Thales or Safenet)


I would need an ethernet interface (for connectivity, not
performance), is this possible on the Alpha, I read the archives and
because of the trust boundary the ethernet would have to be connected
to the STM32?

What would I do, use something with ethernet and two USB like an RPi
(or maybe x86?) and run a TCPIP server on there (any ideas, OpenSSL?)
that talks to cryptech_muxd?

So with all the info should I grab an Alpha from Crowd Supply or wait
for a newer board from you?



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