[Cryptech Tech] Additional feature suggestions for Cryptech HSM

Thotheolh Tay twzgerald at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 11:40:12 UTC 2017


I would like to suggest the following feature addition for Cryptech HSM for
the future development.

1.) Embedded screen for status messages and attestation message display

2.) Embedded keypad for accepting/cancelling and probably simply PINpad

3.) Additional USB and/or smart card slot for smart card or USB tokens for

4.) Secure Code Execution. User can load signed codes into the HSM and the
HSM would use some sort of memory protection and management mechanism to
isolate user loaded codes to securely execute inside the HSM.

5.) Internal Battery-Backed SRAM keystore for storing master HSM key using
a small button battery.

If these features have already been listed in some roadmap or already
exists, you can ignore them.


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