[Cryptech Tech] "ksng" branch of Cryptech Alpha firmware now available as a binary package

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Dec 23 14:46:41 UTC 2016

Hi Rob,

On 22-12-16 23:46, Rob Austein wrote:
> Given the tricky nature of the upgrade, it would probably be best if
> the first person other than me to try it were someone who already has
> (or doesn't mind acquiring) an ST-LINK programmer, just in case
> something goes horribly wrong and the upgrade bricks the HSM.

I do not have access to such a programmer but they seemed cheap enough
to take the risk. So I followed your guide to the letter and nothing
unforeseen has happened. Success!

Now, I didn't do any further testing but I can get in to the console and
issue commands.

> At some point we will of course want to merge all these branches and
> packages back into a single stream,

That would be great. Some time ago I was trying to get it to work with
OpenDNSSECv2 but I failed. Hoping I could find some hints in the source
or software upgrades I looked for a repository... I'll say it politely:
the abundance of repositories made me decide it was not worth the effort

I'll give OpenDNSSECv2 another shot in he new year.

Kind regards,

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