[Cryptech Tech] Padding in digest cores

Joachim Strömbergson joachim at secworks.se
Fri Oct 24 05:56:06 UTC 2014


Yes, that is deliberate and we even had a short discussion about it. And yes, it should definitely be explicitly stated in the documentation. We do need to write documentation for all cores.

Skickat från min iPhone

> 23 Oct 2014 kl. 17:42 skrev Rob Austein <sra at hactrn.net>:
> From reading the cases and code for our current digest cores, it looks
> like the cores all expect the length count and padding to be handled
> in software so that the cores can just work with complete blocks.
> Presumably this is deliberate, but, if so, it probably ought to be
> mentioned somewhere in the documentation, rather than expecting users
> to infer it from hexadecimal test data. :)
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