[Cryptech Tech] [Cryptech Core] The first FPGA-board

Joachim Strömbergson joachim at secworks.se
Thu Jan 30 08:21:31 UTC 2014

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Randy Bush wrote:
>>> ok.  i can have friends buy the bleeping boards in the states and
>>> ship them to you.  how many and who is reimbursing?
>> Its actually easier if I buy it with my ndn credit chip and have
>> them picked up by you and brought over to London
> rob would be your carrier.  i live in tokyo.

Unless we are talking about the Bunnie boards which are not distributed
in normal ways, lets spend a few extra minutes finding out availability
first before starting to try and buy boards. The board I have at my desk
right now allows me to work. Fredrik Thulin has a board that he might be
able to use for some starting work too so the boards are not critical at
this early stage (imho).

What I do want to have is a good platform to be able to show off some
clear development progress and the current board(s) should meet that

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