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Phil Roberts roberts at dkey.org
Tue Apr 10 19:21:22 UTC 2018

Hi folks,

we kicked this around in Stockholm a little bit but didn’t come to any firm conclusion I believe (or at least nothing firm found its way into my notes).  I thought I’d post it here and see whether anyone has thought more about it and might have an idea about something to go after.

By way of reminder here is the blurb from the Open Tech Fund Core Infrastructure Fund:
https://www.opentech.fund/requests/core-infrastructure-fund <https://www.opentech.fund/requests/core-infrastructure-fund>

We applied for this at the end of 2016 and were rejected as not being that aligned with their purpose ("The Core Infrastructure Fund (CIF) strives to uphold and increase capacity for individuals, organizations, and companies working to fortify the foundational components of demonstrably important technology relied upon by people in repressive countries.”) and not having a definite way to get our hardware-based technology to market.  When I raised this in Stockholm the issue was whether we might develop something that is more aligned with privacy of communication rather than integrity/authenticity.  In my mind this would be future work - something commencing late this year/early next year.

So I’d like to ask this in the most general way - is there some project we would like to do to add to the CrypTech offering that may align well with the OTF goals?  We are talking about substantial grants ($300,000) so could be a significant development.

I think I mentioned that Diamond Key applied for one of these for productization of CrypTech for DNSSEC signing, hoping to answer their earlier concerns about not having a clear path to a consistent offering of a hardware based solution.  We apply at the last deadline which was the start of March and have received no response so far.


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