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Joachim Strömbergson joachim at secworks.se
Mon Sep 18 12:54:23 UTC 2017


I've been having a few talks about the VPN project with Fredrik.  Basically Cryptech has a lot of the core functionalities needed. RNG, chacha, hashes for example. But streaming performance, interfaces and SW would have to be adapted. And there are some additional functionality needed too. Poly1305 for example.

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> On 17 Sep 2017, at 19:38, Phil Roberts <roberts at dkey.org> wrote:
> I would like to meet with him informally at least.
> I imagine we’ll start Wednesday with an agenda bash where we put in order everything we want to talk about.  One of the things I think would be useful is a discussion of uses of CrypTech going forward.  There are several possible use cases that we could consider next - this might be one of them.  But what do folks think - would you like to include him in the discussion?
> Also, what time would people like to start on Wednesday.  Does 9am work for folks?
>> On Sep 17, 2017, at 7:41 AM, Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> wrote:
>> Phil Roberts wrote:
>>> “Business” side
>>> - prospects for future funding (donations, research proposals, partnerships, grants)
>>> - who is using the Alpha, what for, and where might that lead?
>>> - is it time for another run of boards, and should they be any
>>> different than what’s in the alpha today?
>> I've been talking with Fredrik Strömberg, founder of the Mullvad VPN
>> service provider. He is interested in using Cryptech cores/IP to
>> create a VPN hardware, which seems to fit very well into the current
>> project phase, because unlike the HSM use case generally considered
>> thus far, no product certification beyond auditable code is needed,
>> and many of the needed crypto primitives have actually already been
>> completed.
>>> - what should the next set of things on the roadmap be?
>>> (the list post alpha from Berlin is
>>>  here: https://trac.cryptech.is/wiki/PostAlphaPlan
>> Fredrik's only hardware need which is not already met by the Alpha is
>> one or maybe two (100Base-T is OK, GigE of course nicer) Ethernet
>> ports connected to the FPGA.
>> He would be available on Wednesday or Thursday for an in-depth
>> discussion. Do you think it makes sense to meet with him, either
>> formally as part of the agenda, or informally at dinner?
>> //Peter
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