[Cryptech Core] CrypTech website updates

Karen O'Donoghue odonoghue at isoc.org
Thu Nov 2 15:12:33 UTC 2017


Below is a summary of website updates made in support of the charter and general organization.
Additionally attached is a pdf of the letter for the ISOC board. Pending any additions or corrections from you all, I believe I’m done with everything we needed by this Friday.


Website updates:

Organization tab updates…
Edited to just point to: 1) Charter; 2) Team; 3) Diamond Key

Added the following pages:
Charter: https://cryptech.is/cryptech-charter/ (current version of text)
Team: https://cryptech.is/cryptech-team/ (the former organization page)
Diamond Key Security: https://cryptech.is/diamond-key-security/ (primarily a landing page for a pointer to the slides)

Added a menu item pointing to how to contribute to CrypTech:
Page had previously been there but not easily findable...

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