[Cryptech Core] Cryptech Wiki updates for 3.0

Rob Austein sra at hactrn.net
Sat May 13 22:03:33 UTC 2017

Updating the Wiki turned out to be a bigger job than either Paul or I
expected, because it's pretty much just been allowed to rot for the
last year (last substantial update to anything was one page in
December 2016, and huge chunks were never updated for the Alpha board,
so were still talking about the Novena).

Paul and I have both made a pass through this, the result is still a
nasty mess but perhaps less so one than last week.  You can see which
pages we've updated here (Trac maintains this page automagically):


If somebody else wants to take a swing at this, great, but more
importantly: is there anything that absolutely MUST be updated before
we can announce the 3.0 software on the tech@ list?

I'd like to get this out the door, and editing all this ancient Wiki
glorp is somewhat painful, so I'm looking for an excuse to declare
victory and move on here.  People who want a lot more text
written...it's a Wiki, you know where the [Edit] button is. :)

Most useful bits at the moment:


and perhaps, if your taste runs to this sort of thing:


So: ready to ship?

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