[Cryptech Core] Updated software/firmware packages

Rob Austein sra at hactrn.net
Thu May 11 22:09:47 UTC 2017

Having gotten external confirmation that our current code (finally!)
works with unmodified OpenDNSSEC, and having concluded that there is
nothing else urgent enough to be worth further delays, Paul and I have
been whacking together version 3.0 of the software and firmware (1.0
was Praha on the Novena, 2.0 was Berlin on the Alpha).

New binary packages are in place in the APT repositories and Homebrew
tap.  Paul is working on upgrade instructions and so forth, we'll send
something to tech@ once that's done.  As part of all this, the "ksng"
development branches have finally collapsed back into the "master"
branches in the relevant repositories, and we're phasing out the
separate "cryptech-alpha-ksng" packages.

Special thanks to Yuri Schaeffer for the OpenDNSSEC testing.

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