[Cryptech Core] f2f

Leif Johansson leifj at sunet.se
Sun Oct 4 18:31:38 UTC 2015

On 2015-10-04 08:23, Rob Austein wrote:
> At Sat, 03 Oct 2015 16:05:35 -0400, Randy Bush wrote:
>> i hd been stalling on a face to face because of travel costs and the
>> state of the budget.  rob just whcked me that we could fund it out of
>> dublin money.  does this make sense?
> Assuming of course that we think we need a face to face and that
> there's still money in the Dublin travel budget.
> Looking at the calendar: I'm currently blacked out at the beginning
> and end of November (IETF in Yokohama and Thanksgiving in the USA,
> respectively).  Anything in October would be fairly short notice at
> this point, and I seem to recall Randy mentioning that he has host
> obligations in Tokyo mid-November.
> So I'm guessing that we'd be talking about early December.  Which is a
> fine time to visit Stockholm...or Göteborg, or Reykjavík for that
> matter, but I suspect we'll get better attendance in Stockholm.
> But maybe others have ideas.

December is probably a good time to plan for how to kick off next year
when we start to get some $ again.

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