[Cryptech Core] Questions regarding existing documentation

Rob Austein sra at hactrn.net
Thu Aug 20 13:09:47 UTC 2015

At Mon, 10 Aug 2015 12:42:08 -0700, Heather Flanagan wrote:
> 4. Having the list of git repositories in one place is a good thing. Is
> there any reason not to link to specific repositories and/or READMEs in
> the body of the documentation on the wiki?

I can't think of any reason why you should not link to these.

> 5. Not all git repositories shown in the trac sitemap are listed on the
> master Git Repositories page. Is there any reason not to include these
> on the master page for a single complete list of active repositories?
> Examples:
> GitRepositories/core/aes
> GitRepositories/core/avalanche_entropy
> GitRepositories/core/chacha
> GitRepositories/core/cipher
> ...
> These and other repositories can be found when going to to sub-pages
> like GitRepositories/core or GitRepositories/comm. I do not propose
> removing the sub-pages, but it seems odd to have a top level page that
> doesn't have everything, unless there's a reason for it (i.e., those are
> the pages someone wanting to play around with cryptech will need,
> whereas the other pages might be archival at this point).

I suspect those are all either pages that don't correspond to
repositories or pages corresponding to old repositories which no
longer exist, have been renamed, or some such.  Of the examples you

> GitRepositories/core/aes
> GitRepositories/core/avalanche_entropy
> GitRepositories/core/chacha

are all old names for repositories that are now under subdirectories
of core/.  Perhaps the script should be more aggressive about deleting
old pages in corner of the wiki.

> GitRepositories/core/cipher

Is just a directory, not a repository; it has subdirectories which are
repositories.  The script generates pages for directories like this so
that something vaguely useful will happen if the user clicks on the
name one of these intermediate directories in the "wiki:" bar at the
top of the page, but I didn't see a point to including these
non-repository directories in the listing, as they have neither README
files nor repositories.

> 7. Do you want to keep the list of SSH keys from the Praha workshop on
> the wiki? (query re: http://trac.cryptech.is/wiki/PrahaWorkshopSSH)

I don't think so.

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