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bunnie bunnie at bunniestudios.com
Tue Mar 4 15:59:28 UTC 2014

Hi Randy,

Finally, I have Novena PVT inventory that has been tested and
initialized with a simple Debian desktop environment. It's populated
with the following options: 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, 4GiB DDR3, LX45 FPGA,
4GiB microSD card, Ath9k-based PCIe wifi (blob-free), and comes with a
16V power supply with an IEC North American plug (the cord is detachable
so you may substitute with your locality as needed). The board doesn't
come with a serial cable, as by default the console is directed to HDMI,
and you may type at it via a keyboard plugged into USB (not included),
or you can SSH in. If the board is to be used for self-hosted builds, we
also recommend plugging in a SATA SSD (not included), as that greatly
improves build performance.

The asking price for this configuration is US$450 + S&H per unit. I
prefer wire transfer of currency in USD, but if you absolutely do not
have access to this, I can accept paypal but there is an 8% surcharge
added to the total to cover Paypal's fiscal friction (there's a
double-currency conversion loss transacting USD to a Singapore Paypal

For S&H, if you provide me with a Fedex or UPS account #, there is no
S&H fee. Unfortunately, our ship rate isn't great, so otherwise the cost
is $40 to US domestic and $80 to everywhere else (they are originating
out of California). Sorry the rate is so high, I don't do a lot of
shipping and thus I have a fairly bad Fedex rate. Please note in all
cases duties and taxes are your responsibility and the boards are marked
with a customs value of US$80 unless you request otherwise.

I have a limited number of boards available for this (un)official alpha
release, so if you're still interested, please let me know the
requested, qty and I'll generate an invoice with the amount I can
provide. I *must* have the following information to generate the invoice:

Qty requested:
Your Name:

Phone Number:
Anticipated payment method: (paypal or bank wire)
Your courier account #:
Would you be willing to make a statement, either anonymous or
attributed, about the system for our upcoming crowd campaign?:
Would you be willing to do it in a video?:

In order to be fair to people who are in the waiting list, if I do not
receive payment for the boards within two weeks of invoice date, I will
cancel the order and make the units available to someone else. I'll of
course notify you of this event first, to avoid miscommunication and
having to issue refunds to payments that arrive late for whatever reason.



On 02/07/2014 10:08 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
> hi bunnie,
> may we hope to get one board out of your run?
> randy


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