[Cryptech-Commits] [core/platform/alpha] 01/02: XDC equivalent of UCF timing constraints for ISE.

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Tue Oct 26 13:57:29 UTC 2021

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meisterpaul1 at yandex.ru pushed a commit to branch master
in repository core/platform/alpha.

commit d42f31d0b05361052529d42fc853bc8bdf254bbb
Author: Pavel V. Shatov (Meister) <meisterpaul1 at yandex.ru>
AuthorDate: Tue Oct 26 16:50:06 2021 +0300

    XDC equivalent of UCF timing constraints for ISE.
    Note, that Vivado needs an extra constraint to bypass combinatorial loop DRC
    check, otherwise bitstream generation will fail.
 xdc/alpha_fmc_timing.xdc | 17 ++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/xdc/alpha_fmc_timing.xdc b/xdc/alpha_fmc_timing.xdc
index e311270..218a573 100644
--- a/xdc/alpha_fmc_timing.xdc
+++ b/xdc/alpha_fmc_timing.xdc
@@ -1 +1,16 @@
-create_clock -period 22.222 -name clk_fmc -waveform {0.000 11.111} [get_ports clk_fmc]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -min 10.0 [get_ports {fmc_d[*]}]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -max 14.8 [get_ports {fmc_d[*]}]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -min -1.0 [get_ports {fmc_a[*]}]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -max 12.3 [get_ports {fmc_a[*]}]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -min  4.0 [get_ports {fmc_ne1 fmc_nl fmc_nwe}]
+set_input_delay -clock [get_clocks clk_fmc] -max 12.8 [get_ports {fmc_ne1 fmc_nl fmc_nwe}]
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_cells {cores/reg_read_data_*[*]}]        -to [get_cells {cores/pipe_read_data_*[*]}] -setup 2
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_cells {cores/addr_core_num_dly2_reg[*]}] -to [get_cells {cores/pipe_read_data_*[*]}] -setup 2
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_cells {cores/reg_read_data_*[*]}]        -to [get_cells {cores/pipe_read_data_*[*]}] -hold 1
+set_multicycle_path -from [get_cells {cores/addr_core_num_dly2_reg[*]}] -to [get_cells {cores/pipe_read_data_*[*]}] -hold 1
+set_property ALLOW_COMBINATORIAL_LOOPS TRUE [get_nets cores/trng_inst/entropy2/core/oscillators[0].rosc_array/dout_new]

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