[Cryptech-Commits] [user/shatov/modexpng] 03/09: Instructions on how to use the vector generation scripts.

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    Instructions on how to use the vector generation scripts.
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+Ranzomized test vector generation scripts for ModExpNG core model.
+ * `vector_regenerate.py` generates a new random RSA keypair using OpenSSL. Each invocation overwrites the keypair, the old one is not retained. **Never use the generated keypair for anything outside of this model!**
+ * `vector_format.py` processes the previously generated keypair. It first generates a "random" demo message to be signed, signs the message and checks the signature using Python's built-in math. If everything goes well, it writes the formatted test vector to a file.
+ * `vector_util.py` is a helper module.
+To obtain a test vector, optionally edit _KEY_LENGTH_ in `vector_regenerate.py` to set desired key length, then run the script to generate randomized key file. Then optionally edit _KEY_LENGTH_ in `vector_format.py` to match key length and change _RND_SEED_ to get a different demo message and run the script to obtain randomized test vector module.

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