[Cryptech-Commits] [core/cipher/aes] branch master updated: Added missing flags for building and linting.

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Fri Feb 8 09:27:39 UTC 2019

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joachim at secworks.se pushed a commit to branch master
in repository core/cipher/aes.

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new cd20834  Added missing flags for building and linting.
cd20834 is described below

commit cd208344e917e7aa552900658c29c2ae20739269
Author: Joachim Strömbergson <joachim at assured.se>
AuthorDate: Fri Feb 8 10:27:31 2019 +0100

    Added missing flags for building and linting.
 toolruns/Makefile | 27 +++++++++++++--------------
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/toolruns/Makefile b/toolruns/Makefile
index 835a92f..4771548 100755
--- a/toolruns/Makefile
+++ b/toolruns/Makefile
@@ -51,30 +51,33 @@ TB_KEYMEM_SRC =../src/tb/tb_aes_key_mem.v
 TB_ENCIPHER_SRC =../src/tb/tb_aes_encipher_block.v
 TB_DECIPHER_SRC =../src/tb/tb_aes_decipher_block.v
+CC = iverilog
+CC_FLAGS = -Wall
+LINT = verilator
+LINT_FLAGS = +1364-2001ext+ --lint-only  -Wall -Wno-fatal -Wno-DECLFILENAME
 all: top.sim core.sim keymem.sim encipher.sim decipher.sim
 top.sim: $(TB_TOP_SRC) $(TOP_SRC)
-	$(CC) -o top.sim $(TB_TOP_SRC) $(TOP_SRC)
+	$(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) -o top.sim $(TB_TOP_SRC) $(TOP_SRC)
 core.sim: $(TB_CORE_SRC) $(CORE_SRC)
-	$(CC) -o core.sim $(TB_CORE_SRC) $(CORE_SRC)
+	$(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) -o core.sim $(TB_CORE_SRC) $(CORE_SRC)
 keymem.sim:  $(TB_KEYMEM_SRC) $(KEYGEN_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
-	$(CC) -o keymem.sim $(TB_KEYMEM_SRC) $(KEYMEM_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
+	$(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) -o keymem.sim $(TB_KEYMEM_SRC) $(KEYMEM_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
 encipher.sim:  $(TB_ENCIPHER_SRC) $(ENCIPHER_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
-	$(CC) -o encipher.sim $(TB_ENCIPHER_SRC) $(ENCIPHER_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
+	$(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) -o encipher.sim $(TB_ENCIPHER_SRC) $(ENCIPHER_SRC) $(SBOX_SRC)
-	$(CC) -o decipher.sim $(TB_DECIPHER_SRC) $(DECIPHER_SRC) $(INV_SBOX_SRC)
+	$(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) -o decipher.sim $(TB_DECIPHER_SRC) $(DECIPHER_SRC) $(INV_SBOX_SRC)
 sim-keymem: keymem.sim
@@ -97,16 +100,12 @@ sim-top: top.sim
-	verilator +1364-2001ext+ --lint-only -Wall $(TOP_SRC)
+lint:  $(TOP_SRC)
+        $(LINT) $(LINT_FLAGS) $(TOP_SRC)
-	rm -f decipher.sim
-	rm -f encipher.sim
-	rm -f keymem.sim
-	rm -f core.sim
-	rm -f top.sim
+	rm -f *.sim

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