[Cryptech-Commits] [user/js/test/novena_eim_base] 01/01: Adding a readme file to explain what the repo contains, purpose, dev plan etc.

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Author: Joachim Strömbergson <joachim at secworks.se>
Date:   Wed Jan 21 10:11:41 2015 +0100

    Adding a readme file to explain what the repo contains, purpose, dev plan etc.
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+Novena EIM Base
+This repo contains Joachim Strömbergsons attempt att creating a base for
+Cryptech systems within the FPGA on the Novena board. The base use the
+EIM interface to communicate between the Cryptech cores and the CPU.
+The base is based on the SPI-Novena-Romulator design by Bunnie and Xobs:
+In the code I'm trying to remove all things not needed by Cryptech,
+restructure the the code to make it easier to work with and have a clean
+clock implementation.
+If we the EIM clock somehow is reduced from 133 MHz or if we generate a
+lower clock for the cores and do clock domain boundary crossing is not
+decided yet.
+The development order is:
+(1) Get the design running on the Novena so that we can see that it
+(2) Strip out DDR3, SPI and other stuff not needed.
+(3) Add ports for Cryptech Avalanche noise bord LEDs
+(4) Restructure EIM to have all I/Os, pipeline registers etc in a
+(5) Restructure all clocking into a separate clock-module.
+(6) Try to fix clock and timing warnings when using the simplest
+possible design connected to the EIM.
+(7) Solve core clocking.
+(8) Add a non-trivial Cryptech core
+(9) Test that the new base works.
+(10) Solve problems found in (9)
+(11) Done (hopefully)
+Note that this code is experimental. Here be loads of dragons.
+And Kraken.

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