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+design documentation
+This repo contains a number of documents used during development of
+various parts the Cryptech design. Note that the directory contains
+source files (for example in OmniGraffle, Open Document file formats) as
+well as final documents (normally in PFF file format).
+* Alpha_board_drawing
+  A drawing/diagram that shows the functional components and their
+  functional connectivities for the Cryptech Alpha board being
+  developed. The drawing is not formal schematics for the Alpha board.
+* Novena-entropy-board
+  Sub directory with schematics as well as layout with silk screen for
+  the Cryptech Noise board designed to be used as external entropy
+  source on the Novena.
+* alpha_board_config
+  Configuration file for setting up the I/Os and functionality of the
+  STM32 microcontroller on the Alpha board. The config file is used by
+  the tool [STM32CubeMX][http://www.st.com/web/catalog/tools/FM147/CL1794/SC961/SS1743/PF259242?sc=microxplorer] from ST Microelectronics.
+* application-aware-signing
+  A drawing that shows a proposed mechanism with data and command flows
+  for doing application based (application aware) signing.
+* fpga_estimates
+  A document that tracks the FPGA resources and performance of the
+  different Cryptech cores in different FPGA technologies. The document
+  also includes estimates for cores not yet designed or completed. The
+  purpose of the document is to provide estimates of FPGA devices needed
+  to implement different use cases.
+* hsm-board
+  A high level functional diagram of the Cryptech HSM board that shows
+  the major functional blocks. Used during development of the Alpha
+  board to see what components are needed to realise the functionality
+  of the blocks. The Alpha_board_drawing is the concrete functional
+  realisation of this diagram.
+* hsm-keys
+  A document that includes diagrams that shows proposed mechanisms for
+  handling keys including managament, protection and migration of
+  wrapped keys.
+* novena-memory-map
+  This document contains information about the memory map of the
+  Cryptech FPGA design with the specific memory maps of each core as
+  well as how the cores are addressed and accessed from SW via different
+  interfaces.

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